These episodes aired in 2016.

Episodes Number Plot
Horry Henry Eats a Worm 1 Moddy Margrut shoves a worm into Horry Henry's mouth; he eats it, thinking it is a sweet.
Horry Henry Goes on TV 2 Henry breaks into a TV studio and puts himself on live television. He falsely announces the world is going to blow up; everyone is gullible enough to believe him!
Horry Henry Sucks a Straw 3 Henry gets so bored one day, he sits at a table and sucks at a straw for the whole day. Little does he know that the straw is poisonous...
Horry Henry's Timed Bomb 4 Henry builds a timed bomb that will last 7 minutes. If it goes off, it will blow up the planet.
Horry Henry and the Big Rig 5 Henry has forced his parents into buying a big rig; he then drives away with it and crashes it, so he is tortured.
Horry Henry Drives a Sports Car 6 Henry decides to be badass, so he illegally drives Margrut's dad's sports car he recently bought, and inadvertently crashes it into a wall.
Horry Henry, Horry Headmaster 7 Horry Henry gets to be the headmaster of Bashtoun School for the day. It turns out to be more boring than he thinks; also he has gained many haters.
Horry Henry and the Green Machine 8 Henry's parents want to go electricity free for a week, so they take away Henry's computer and TV. Henry gets Crude Ralph to cycle for 6 hours so he can watch Zap Da Rap.
Horry Henry's Smelly Stuff 9 Henry is running short of money, so he works with Perplexed Peter and makes perfume. However, something goes wrong.
Horry Henry's Disastrous Date 10 Horry Henry goes on a date with Hot Hannah to Womanchest, but JoJ Josh dumps their spaghetti on the floor. Hannah blames it on Henry, so she splits up with him.
Horry Henry and the Football Fiend 11 Miss Bottle-Oxe tells the class that they will be playing football instead of doing maths. At the end, Henry gets to go with Miss Fight Hammer and see Bashtoun FC play Womanchest FC.
Horry Henry's Disastrous Night 12 Henry goes round to Ralph's to have a sleepover, but he is sent home early for causing chaos. Ralph falls out with him afterwards.
Horry Henry's New Brother 13 Henry's parents adopt a 7 year old boy. However, when he is about to pour sulphuric acid over Peter, he is given up for adoption once again.
Horry Henry's Skateboard Race 14 Henry organizes a skateboard race with his friends. However, he ends up becoming fatally hurt and is sent to hospital.
Horry Henry's New Language 15 Henry and Ralph decide to make a new language - it turns out to be harder than expected!
The Bet 16 Henry and Ralph make a bet: whoever fails to say a single word for the day gets to dye his hair pink.
Crude Ralph's Walking Stick 17 Henry gives Ralph a walking stick and tells him to use it for the day or he will send him to Jupiter.
Perplexed Peter Becomes a Bodybuilder 18 Peter decides to man up and become a bodybuilder, but gives up after Henry pushes him over, putting him off.
Horry Henry's Jazz Band 19 Henry decides to form a jazz band with his friends. The band becomes viral and gets sarcastically hailed the "Best Jazz Band in the Multiverse".
Horry Henry: The Real Doomsday 20 The sequel to Horry Henry and the Doomsday. When the sky turns red and there a vast destruction to Bashtoun, Horry Henry tries to make the most of the day by doing whatever he wants.