These episodes aired in 2015.

Episodes Number Synopsis
Horry Henry Thinks Big 1 When Horry Henry discovers in a magazine about a tablet that can turn yourself 50 feet high, he swallows one and chaos ensues.
Horry Henry Holds Cute Kristin's Hand 2 Henry gets an opportunity to hold Cute Kristin's hand.
Horry Henry's Haircut 3 Henry is forced to go to the barbers in Bashtoun, where he meets a horrible man called Rude Ron.
Horry Henry Falls Down a Drain 4 Henry is taking a walk to school, but then falls down a drain missing a pot lid. Brainless Bert is stupid enough to jump down the drain and land on Henry's face.
Horry Henry's Jelly Disaster 5 Mum has made some jelly for Henry and Perplexed Peter to share, but then Henry ruins it due to his impatience.
Horry Henry Blocks the Toilet 6 It just can't get any worse for Henry when he has been grounded for blocking the toilet.
Horry Henry's Bus Journey of Doom 7 Henry decides to get the bus to Womanchest to see them play against Bashtoun FC, however it ends disastrous when the bus blows up.
Horry Henry Kills His Enemies 8 With the help of Henry's best friend Crude Ralph, Henry is able to finally kill his enemies... until they are resurrected.
Horry Henry Gets Shot 9 Moddy Margrut has been revived, so he shoots Henry. Luckily, he survives.
Horry Henry and the Sick Gang 10 Horry Henry goes to Womanchest with Ralph and Hot Hannah to join a gang. However, they end up getting arrested for breaking into an Indian takeaway.
Horry Henry Hacks Into NASA Systems 11 Horry Henry decides to go adventurous, so he hires Swedish Sven to help him hack the NASA systems.
Horry Henry Takes a Shortbread Biscuit 12 Mum has made some biscuits. Henry takes a shortbread one without asking, but unknowingly ends up in so much trouble the police are involved.
Moddy Margrut Moves In 13 Due to Margrut's parents going to Tuvalu for their holiday, Henry's family are forced to look after Margrut. Using his skills, Henry gets her sent home.
Horry Henry and the New BMW 14 Henry steals a BMW from a garage in the middle of nowhere.
Horry Henry the Carjacker 15 Henry finds a car with an open door, so he jumps into it and drives away, crashing it into a skyscraper.
Horry Henry Murders Cute Kristin 16 Henry falls asleep. In his dream, he accidentally murders Kristin.
Horry Henry and the Gay Pill 17 Miss Bottle-Oxe gives Henry a mysterious pill, which makes him gay for the day. He finally finds out its name and gives it to everyone.
Horry Henry Upgrades to Windows 10 18 Henry is happily enjoying his Windows 7 laptop - until he's forced to upgrade it to Windows 10.
Horry Henry: Sitcom 19 Henry and other students at Bashtoun School are in his house, where the others make jokes at him. This is presented like a sitcom.
Horry Henry's Execution 20 Henry is executed, but is brought back to life by Amazing Alastair.