These episodes aired in 2014.

Episodes Number Synopsis
Horry Henry and the Horry-ble Day 1 Horry Henry gets revenge on people.
Horry Henry is Alone 2 Henry's parents abandon him, so he has a lot of fun by himself (before Ralph comes over).
Horry Henry and the Doomsday 3 Henry sees the last day, which he is amazed about.
Horry Henry and the Fat Babysitter 4 Henry is stuck with the babysitter from America. To save his reputation, Henry has to team up with his brother to 'defeat' him before his parents come home.
Take a Hike 5 Henry has to go through the countryside. But when a Bull comes on the loose, Henry's parents are going to regret...
Horry Henry and the Car Trip 6 It just can't get any worse for Henry when his arch-nemesis, Moddy Margrut comes with him on a car trip.
Horry Henry's Sports Day 7 Sports Day, Henry's favourite day, but his fat friend Al's least favourite Day. And when Henry then decides to win, he does what he does best...
Horry Henry Infiltrates a School Fair 8 Henry tries to ruin a school fair to win a crappy video game.
Big Fat Trouble in Little Bashtoun 9 Henry tries to make a dinner lady obese.
Horry Henry Eats Out 10 Henry goes to a fancy french restaurant with his rich aunt and Stupid-Silly-Spoilty-Stuck-Up Stevensberg. All that stands between Henry and £200 is a plate of poo!
Laugh 'till You Pee! 11 Henry tries to record a dangerous video of someone getting injured in order to win a substantial amount of money.
Underpants 12 Henry loves pulling other people's trousers down for amusement, but when he receives a pair of Pinkie Pie unisex underwear, he inadvertently puts them on and is paranoid that people will pull his trousers down as well.
Horry Henry Goes Swimming 13 Henry tries to avoid swimming.
Time to Go Back in Time 14 Henry does his greatest trick ever when he tricks Peter into believing a cardboard box is a Time Machine. But it actually went back in time...
Horry Henry's B-Day 15 Henry wants his birthday party at the zoo.
Horry Henry Goes Camping 16 Henry goes camping in France with his family.
Horry Henry is Trapped! 17 Henry gets trapped with his brother in the cellar.
Happy B-day Peter! 18 Peter has a B-day while Henry tries to steal food.
Revenged! 19 Peter has enough of Henry, so he plans to do a great big plan...
Horry Henry's Gigantic Marshmallow 20 Margrut blackmails Henry into melting lots of marshmallows and then making them into one big one for her to eat, but he eats it himself. Rage pursues...