Perplexed Peter
Horrid Henry's CQC
Perplexed Peter about to be beheaded
Vital statistics
First appearance Horry Henry and the Horry-ble day
Last appearance Horry Henry: The Real Doomsday
Voiced by Emma Tate
Friends Gay Gordon

Tedious Teddy Spotty Sam Helpless Hari

Enemies Moddy Margrut

Horry Henry

Perplexed Peter is a character in Horry Henry. He is voiced by Emma Tate who also voices his brother Horry Henry. He is known for his very good behaviour, he is nice and his friends are Gay Gordon, Tedious Teddy, Spotty Sam and Helpless Hari. He dislikes Henry due to his bad behaviour, Henry teased him and gave him an extreme wedgie. As his nickname suggests, he is known for being curious and confused about anything. He also doesn't gets along with Moddy Margrut due to poor relationship.