Horry Henry is Alone
And she cried
"And she cried"
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date 26 May 2014
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Horry Henry is Alone (formerly titled Horry Henry is Forever Alone) is the second episode of Series 1. In the episode, Horry Henry gets left behind at home when his family drives off without him.


Horry Henry and his family are going to a trip to Stone Park, Henry forgets his 'How to Live Forever' book and goes to his house to pick it up. But his family drives off on purpose, without him! This means that he could do whatever he wants...

He decides to phone his friend Crude Ralph to come to his house to have fun together. He later arrives on a stolen segway board; the pair overclock Henry's Scalextrics, dance to "Witch Doctor", gain weight by having a lard-eating contest, make prank calls to Whoopie-Whoppie, burn Peter's science homework under a magnifying glass, and make Henry's hamster ride down the stairs on a tiny skateboard.

The scene cut to Henry's family, they are in a traffic jam as Dad thought they would avoid the traffic; he thinks it was Henry's fault as he thought that he have broken the tyres again but he was wrong.

After having a lot of fun, Henry finds a strange ugly woman... 


  • Dad: Henry! We need to leave the traffic now!
  • Peter: I'm ready to leave-
  • Dad: Henry!

  • Peter: Miss lovely said it's nearly as old as her, and I said "Why? Are you stupid or summit?" and she cried (LAUGHS). I made her cry, then she said-
  • Henry: Really?

  • Peter: I think we might of left Henry behind...
  • (Mum and Dad smirks)
  • Peter: Uhh... never mind!
  • Mum: Oh, Peter! You should have told us when we left Henry behind at home.

  • Henry: Right then, what's next?
  • Ralph: Prank calling?
  • Henry: Oh yes!


  • When Henry drinks near the start of the episode, a lot of people said that he was staring at your soul.
  • This is the only episode that had its title renamed.