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Horry Henry: The Video Game is the first game of Horry Henry, it was released on 10th July 2014 for the DS. The game was called オーリーヘンリー:トラブルメーカー (Ōrīhenrī: Toraburumēkā | Horry Henry: Troublemaker) in Japan.


Gameplay shows that you can move with the D-pad, the jumping buttons are caused by the A and/or B buttons. Cycling through weapons are the shouder buttons (L and R), to use a weapon, it is used by the X and Y buttons.


Warning: May contain spoilers.

Horry Henry is so excited to go to the concert, but they ran out of tickets. Annoyed, Henry has to go on his adventure by himself to the concert.

Spoilers end here.


  • IGN gave the game a 6 out of 10, for good music and says it looks like a SNES game, but it had bad controls and a mediocre plot.


  • This game was made to look like a SNES game.
  • This game came out a year ago before the first Horrid Henry game on the DS, Wii and PC.