Horry Henry's Jelly Disaster
Season 2, Episode 5
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N/A Horry Henry

Horry Henry's Jelly Disaster is the 5th episode of Series 2. In the episode, Mum has made some jelly for Horry Henry and Perplexed Peter to share, but then Henry ruins it due to his impatience.


Perplexed Peter is watching The Happy-Slapping Hippos on TV, only to be disturbed by Horry Henry, who changes it to Zap Da Rap. They both argue about who gets to watch TV, until they get told off by Mum. She tells them that if they argue once more, they will not have any jelly she is preparing. Henry seems to have a thing about jelly, causing him to shout the word, make the camera zoom into his digestive system, and reveal the title.