Horry Henry's Bus Journey of Doom
Season 2, Episode 6
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Air date December 12, 2015
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Horry Henry Blocks the Toilet Horry Henry Kills His Enemies

Horry Henry's Bus Journey of Doom is the sixth episode of Series 2. In this episode, Horry Henry decides to get the bus to Womanchest to see them play against Bashtoun FC, however it ends disastrous when the bus blows up.


Horry Henry wakes up one morning and asks his parents if he can go to see Bashtoun FC by bus; they say no as it is too expensive. He goes to his room to check if he has enough money for the convention and for the bus fare. He opens his moneybox only to find two pound as he blew all the rest at an arcade.

Henry continues to sulk when he finally comes up with an idea. He sneaks into Perplexed Peter's bedroom and empties his baby themed piggy bank. He finds £300 and steals the lot. He then stuffs all of his Horrid Henty merchandise into his backpack hoping he can get autographs signed on them by the actors. Henry goes downstairs, then tells his parents that he will be going for a walk in the park. They accept and Henry storms out of the house - he then says "Hell yeah!" to himself.

He waits at the bus stop, hoping to take the bus to Womanchest, where the football match is being held. He finally gets on the bus and sits at the back. After about 30 minutes of the journey, the bus gets extremely crowded. Henry then sees Cute Kristin get on so he takes his backpack off the neighbouring seat, hoping she will sit next to him. Much to his disappointment she decides to sit at the front. Then Horrid Kenta gets on and takes the seat next to Henry. he says "Bonjour, monsieur!" and steals his gun replica and his plush. Then the bus starts to slow down, a loud hissing sound is heard and then an explosion. The bus has caught fire.

Firefighters fart on the flames and evacuate everyone; several people are rushed to hospital. Dog Head and Pressured Pete both die from the incident. Henry then receives a phone call from his parents asking where he is. He replies that the bus exploded in Womanchest and he nearly got killed. Dad then arrives in the Bucket 2000 and takes him home.

He gets grounded for stealing all of Peter's money and Peter tells Dad that he was going to do something else. Henry is punished with a ban from pocket money and drugs for two years.

It is later revealed that Nutty Nick placed landmines on the road that caused the bus to explode. Following their arrest, Bashtoun School suspends him for a month.