Horry Henry
Vital statistics
First appearance Horry Henry and the Horry-ble day
Last appearance Horry Henry: The Real Doomsday
Voiced by Elizabeth Inverallt (2014-2015)

Emma Tate (2015-present)

Friends Crude Ralph

JoJ Josh Brainless Bert

Enemies Moddy Margrut

Sur Susin Perplexed Peter

Horry Henry is the main character of the show with the same name. Until Series 2, he was voiced by Elizabeth Inverallt but then got replaced with Emma Tate after Elizabeth died in a car crash.


Horry Henry is a boy known for his abnormally bad behaviour. He is shown to cause chaos at home, school or shops. If someone annoys him, he will beat them up. If he sees the police, he will flee.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

He lives with his brother Perplexed Peter who is a goody two-shoes; he doesn't get with him because he is sick of his good behaviour and he also gave Peter a wedgie. His parents are Stupid Simon and Generic Grace.

Other relationships Edit

Henry's best friends are Crude Ralph, Brainless Bert and JoJ Josh and He is also on good terms with Gobble Graham, Anaerobic Al.

Enemies Edit

Henry dislikes Moddy Margrut, as she is his next door neighbour and his gang The Purple Gangbang of Doom having a massive rivalry with the So-Called Secret Club. In the first episode Horry Henry and the Horry-ble Day, Henry was laughed by Margrut and her gang as he looked like a moron. Margrut also did rude gestures to Henry, causing him to get revenge on her, so he burned the club's fort with matches; Margrut was nearly killed as her parents called the fire brigade to rescue her. Dad grounded Henry for a month for the incident.

Gang Edit

Henry owns a gang called The Purple Gangbang of Doom, his fort is a purple den.


Henry owns a blue and yellow stripy sweater that looks far too tight for him, trousers, green trainers, and horrible brown hair.


  • His favourite foods include jelly, Pot Noodle, and Coca Cola.